Teacher In-Service: A fun and engaging program for teachers that inspires culture and teamwork.


"Teachers are allowed to have fun..."

Jim’s anti-bullying school assembly focuses on caring for other students by “applying kindness”. Being an “Upstander” requires awareness, understanding and a commitment to have each other’s backs.

In this presentation, Jim Basketball Jones encourages students to look for the good in others and to treat people the way they want others to treat them. Jim also goes one step further by encouraging students to understand and accept the differences in others, so we can treat others the way they want to be treated.

Jim will customize his Anti-bullying school assembly to meet the needs of your school.  Not all schools have the exact some problems or concerns with bullying; nor do they teach anti-bullying the same way.  Jim will tailor his presentation to your school’s needs and your schools current anti-bullying program if applicable.


"He has a powerful message. And I am seriously a better person for hearing it."


John Miller - American History Teacher - Middle School


What Your Staff will Learn.

  • Re-energize and Get Ready for a New Year. Get the year started off right with a fun, engaging, and powerful message.

  • Keep Your Students Engaged:  Jim will teach your staff strategies to help engage their students.  The same strategies that has helped him be a youth motivational speaker for over 20 year.  

  • Learn Strategies to stay energized: Build culture in the school and classroom, team building, and synergy.

  • Inspire to "Make a Difference": We are all 1 team and it starts with you.  Be the difference that inspires your students to reach the "next level"

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"I think we need that breath of fresh air.  And that is what is see in Jim's presentation."


Tiffany Brandt - Math and Special Education Teacher - Middle School


We Are 1 TEAM.  And you are that 1!

The 1: District

The 1: Superintendent

The 1: School

The 1: Principal

The 1: Teacher

The 1: Colleague 

The 1 to make a difference         

Which assembly should I choose...

Jim will customize your school assembly to meet the needs of your school.  This is a investment for your students and staff so make it the way you want it. If you like messages for Character Education, but also want to touch on Anti-Bully Education; we are happy to accommodate both.  If you are celebrating Reading month, but would like Jim to share his message on "Applying Kindness", we have you covered. Being able to adjust and customize his message is what makes a Jim "Basketball" Jones school assembly a truly unique experience.