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Over 20 years as a professional school assembly speaker with over 7,500 school assemblies performed.  Jim is a leader in the school assembly and character education field.

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“You may not be able to change the whole world. But you have the ability change somebody else’s world”

-Jim Jones

Inspirational motivational speaker Jim Basketball Jones’ school assembly programs on anti-bullying and cyber bullying have helped elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools tackle the problem of bullying in schools head-on, with great results. His programs on character education, positive life choices and substance abuse education are life-changing for students, teachers, and parents alike. He also conducts state achievement test motivational assemblies that help students achieve their best and fulfill their potential. Explore the many programs available for schools and contact Jim to book an inspiring, exciting, and educational school assembly. LEARN MORE.


"How fun was that!! THANK YOU Jim "Basketball" Jones! We LOVE you here at Mason Leadership School!"

Renee Brown - Principal

 Mason Leadership School - Canton, Ohio

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We were THRILLED to have Jim "Basketball" Jones at our school today.  What a high impact, POWERFUL message for the kids.   We will never forget his meaning of PERSEVERANCE and POSITIVE KINDNESS!

Michelle Allen - Principal

E.P. Clarke Elementary School - St. Joseph, Michigan

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As a first year principal,  I asked all my teachers to list three things they liked about last year and Jim "Basketball" Jones was mentioned on every one of our teacher's list.  He will make your list as well. 

Jeff  Williams - Principal

Baltic Elementary - Sugarcreek, Ohio 

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"If you are considering having someone come to your school, HE IS A MUST...He is AWESOME, FUN, and the kids were fully ENGAGED the whole time.  Our teachers were laughing but more importantly the message and his words were INSPIRATIONAL and MOVING. I can't wait to have him next year!!

Jamie Perry - Guidance Councelor

Walnut Creek Elementary - Columbus, Ohio