Middle School Assembly Programs

Finding great inspirational speakers and programs for middle school students can be challenging. Jim Basketball Jones’ approach engages and inspires these students with middle school assembly programs including anti-bullying and cyber bullying, character education, and state testing motivation. Explore the descriptions of each program and find the one that’s right for your school’s students.


I’ve Got Your Back: Anti-bullying Middle School that includes a discussion on cyber-bullying

In this talk, Jim breaks down bullying in two key elements.  One, he encourages students to have the strength and belief in themselves not to “Surrender” their prideself-worthnor dignityto people that bully them.  Secondly, he tells stories that touch the students’ hearts so they think about how they talk to and treat others."Our words are a reflection of who we are and we should respect ourselves to treat others with kindness."


Be an "Up"Stander

He teaches the students the importance of being an "Upstander"and not a bystander.  He empowers them to have each other’s backand look out for each other.  Middle school can be a challenging time in students’ life and bullying is a serious topic at schools.  Many schools book Jim because he can connect with studentsin a fun way, but has the ability to address a serious subject with compassion and conviction.  His anti-bullying presentation is powerful, uplifting and life changing.


“Thank you for a fabulous assembly on May 4th! Middle schoolers can be a challenging crowd to impress, and yet you did so! Your wit, wisdom & message were well received among students and staff. I’m a huge fan!“


Kari Diaz - Counselor - Almont Middle School - Almont, MI


The Best Me: Character Education Middle School Assembly that focuses on attitude and effort

Jim Basketball Jones’ brings his game to this assembly.  He addresses effort, personal responsibility, choices, respect, kindness and overcoming adversity.  Students are engaged in activity, audience call backs and empowered by inspirational stories.  Jim is so engaging, funny and direct, he will keep your middle school students on their toes for the full hour.  His presentation skills will amaze your staff as they watch how interactive their students are with him. 


"I own my effort"

At the end of the presentation, Jim reveals his personal story of being a Special Ed student and his struggles with dyslexia.  He ties all the personal character traits back into his story of how he went from the special classroom down the hall to graduating number one from college.  This is a powerful assembly about hope, personal commitment, overcoming challenges and just never giving up.


"You are the kid's favorite guest. You have just the right mixture of message and entertainment and your involvement of the audience is wonderful."


Beth Phelps - Principal - Roosevelt Middle School - Newark, OH


Your Effort Matters. Lets Bust This Test.

The demand for Jim’s motivational test taking assembly is so high, schools must call early to reserve a slot near their state testing time. In this program, Jim breaks down test takingto being a “Piece of Cake” and schools have noticed the student’s improvement.


Bust That Test...

Your Middle School students will learn listening skills, methods toincrease focus andconcentration, how toreduce test anxiety and, most importantly, that theirbest effortis important to the success of their team—their school. Jim truly helps students get excited to come in and BUST THE TEST…


“89% of our 6th graders improved 5 points of more, while 84% of the 7th grade improved 5 points or more. 98% of the 6th grade improved by at least one point, and 100% of the 7th grade improved by at least one point! Thank you for the ‘Piece of Cake’ idea.”


Mrs. Kochell - Covington Middle School - Covington, IN


Which assembly should I choose...

Jim will customize your school assembly to meet the needs of your school.  This is a investment for your students and staff so make it the way you want it. If you like messages for Character Education, but also want to touch on Anti-Bully Education; we are happy to accommodate both.  If you are celebrating Reading month, but would like Jim to share his message on "Applying Kindness", we have you covered. Being able to adjust and customize his message is what makes a Jim "Basketball" Jones school assembly a truly unique experience.