Elementary School Assembly Programs

Jim Basketball Jones offers exciting, engaging school assembly programs that provide important life lessons for elementary school students in an entertaining format. From character education to saying no to drugs to anti-bullying programs, Jim has endless elementary school assembly ideas.


I’ve Got Your Back: Anti-bullying School Assembly

Jim’s anti-bullying school assembly focuses on caring for other students by “applying kindness”. Being an “Upstander” requires awareness, understanding, and a commitment to have each other’s backs.

In this presentation, Jim Basketball Jones encourages students to look for the good in others and to treat people the way they want others to treat them. Jim also goes one step further by encouraging students to understand and accept the differences in others, so we can treat others the way they want to be treated.


Be an "Up"Stander

Jim will customize his Anti-bullying school assembly to meet the needs of your school.  Not all schools have the exact some problems or concerns with bullying; nor do they teach anti-bullying the same way.  Jim will tailor his presentation to your school’s needs and your schools current anti-bullying program if applicable.


"In my 20 years of being an elementary principal, I have never offered to write a letter of recommendation for an assembly...However, that was before Jim "Basketball" Jones visited our school.  I can only echo what several told me: 'That was the best assembly we have every had.'"


George Dean - Principal - Wooster City Schools - Wooster, OH


The Best Me: Engaging, Highly Participatory, and Fun Character Education Assembly

This program is Jim’s signature school assembly that schools book year after year because of its timeless message that inspires their students and staff. The core message behind this assembly is to allow KINDNESS to be the foundation for your character.  Kindness is so important in our schools and this assembly helps students understand how they can spread KINDNESS at their school "by Dooooooiiiiing Something.”


Do the Right Thing, The Right Way, at the Right Time

Jim's character education assembly aligns seamlessly with the "7 Habits of Leader in Me", PBIS (Respectful, Responsible, and Safe), and all other established character programs. Most unique about this assembly is that it constantly involves as new studies such as, "Growth Mindset"and "Grit" influence the education field. To be the best versions of ourselves we have to take responsibility for our effort and for the choices that we make. "Good Choice, Bad Choice, My Choice", our character is a reflection of our choices and this assembly teaches your students to ""Do the right thing, the right time, the right way."


"Your presentation has once again left us in awe. The way you weave entertainment and education together is the mark of a master teacher. You teach valuable life lessons in such a fun way the students hardly know they're learning.  We will all take away many important values from today's assembly including but not limited to: Do the right thing, learn from your mistakes and you are in control of your own effort."


Lisa Fenchel - Principal - Meadows Elementary - Novi, MI


Bust That Test: Get Your Kids Excited for State Testing

The demand for Jim’s motivational test taking assembly is so high, schools must call early to reserve a slot near state testing time. In this program, Jim breaks down how test taking can be a “Piece of Cake” and schools have noticed the student’s improvement.


Give Your Best. Bust That Test!

Your students will learn test taking strategies, listening skills, and methods to increase focus. Most importantly Jim motivate your students to give their best effort. Busting this state test takes a team effort and we need EVERYBODY'S best effort and attitude to reach our potential. Jim's State Testing Assembly is a great kickstarter for your school state testing period and its also a perfect opportunity to celebrate a schools performance after State Testing.  Be Your Best and Bust This Test!!!


89% of our 6th graders improved 5 points of more, while 84% of the 7th grade improved 5 points or more.  98% of the 6th grade improved by at least one point, and 100% of the 7th grade improved by at least one point!  Thank you for the ‘Piece of Cake’ idea.”


Mrs. Kochell - Covington Middle School - Covington, IN


Get Excited About Reading!!

Jim focuses on the importance of being able to read proficiently and how daily reading can become a healthy habit that pays big life dividends. He brings his personal struggles with dyslexia into his talk and discusses how he refused to allow his condition to negatively impact his love for reading and learning. Jim can customize this presentation for any elementary school age group, K – 5, and consider booking him during March when it’s National Reading Month!



“It’s the small things we do daily that make a BIG difference in our lives, READ every day!”

EL 025.JPG


"We have had Jim visit our school for 10 years in a row; he never fails to excite the students, staff and parents.  One great message for all ages and groups! Jim will be back again next year; the kids just love his energy and comedy."


Bob Newvine, Ojibwa Elementary - P.E. Teacher - Macomb, MI


Family Fun Night – Parents & Kids

This programs theme can be based on any of the about listed assemblies or some combinations of two or three of them.  Jim has been invited for family literacy night, welcome back to school night, meet the teacher, anti-bullying prevention and character education.  Frequently, schools will book Jim for one or two daytime assemblies and add an evening assembly to them.  This allows the kids to see Jim and how fun his assembly is and they bring back their parents in droves.  This strategy produces a lot of parents in attendance. Jim will change up his evening presentation from his daytime school assemblies and he does an amazing job of getting parents involved.  Jim is a master at dropping little bits of information, ideas or strategies for parents while conducting a fun family event. 


Parent Talk (No kids, just parents): 

How do I help my child find their success – A parent talk about Mindset, GRIT and success.

Every year schools and/or school districts invest in bringing Jim in to talk to parents about how they can help their child achieve.  Jim uses his personal story, his experience in raising his own children, plus current research and books to help parents guide and lead their child to find their success.  

EL 025.JPG

Which assembly should I choose...

Jim will customize your school assembly to meet the needs of your school.  This is a investment for your students and staff so make it the way you want it. If you like messages for Character Education, but also want to touch on Anti-Bully Education; we are happy to accommodate both.  If you are celebrating Reading month, but would like Jim to share his message on "Applying Kindness", we have you covered. Being able to adjust and customize his message is what makes a Jim "Basketball" Jones school assembly a truly unique experience.